Spurs news and notes: Pop likes the Magic's moves, Neal's shot selection, and more


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• San Antonio Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich spoke on the recent trade between the Orlando Magic and the Phoenix Suns and he thinks it was a solid trade for the Magic:


• The Spurs and Magic faced off tonight and Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard battled it out once again. However, Bryan Harvey of thefastertimes.com, says the Magic could have learned a few lessons from the Spurs especially Howard:

But the grains of sand that should be slipping through Tim Duncan’s decrepit finger tips and landing in the jovial palms of Dwight Howard are instead defying gravity, making Duncan appear like a wizard juggling the cosmos (insert Manu Ginobili).

This meeting of big men should be an abdication of a thrown, of a title, of a crown, but  instead, this meeting is another history lesson for the young Dwight Howard and the franchise that rests its hopes on his shoulders.  The lesson: windows never shut as easily as the press’ headlines, Vince Carter’s disinterest, Amar’e Stoudemire’s rise, or LeBron James’ virtuosity may lead us to believe. There is always hope, and because of that, a franchise should never panic.

• Our very own Mike De Leon participated in a Q&A with our fellow NBA Bloguin blogger Jeff Fox at Hoops Manifesto and when it came to the question of NBA point guards, Mike made a fantastic argument why Tony Parker is the best point guard to lead a team:

I’m going to make kind of a homer pick here, but aside from last season when he was fighting nagging injuries, Tony Parker has been one of the better and more underrated point guards the last six years. While he doesn’t have the crazy assist and steal numbers, he has three rings and a Finals MVP and there’s no arguing that. Ask Steve Nash how hard it is to guard him. He’s as fast as any of the other point guards, he can put his team on his back when they need it and his assist number are improving every year, so he’d be my choice. Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and Deron Williams would also get some consideration.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin discusses the Spurs’ zone defense and how handy it is.

• Spurs’ guard Gary Neal had a fantastic performance off the bench (22 points) in the Spurs’ victory against the Denver Nuggets last night. Here is what Neal had to say on his shot-selection:

• And what did coach Popovich have to say about Neal’s performance against the Nuggets?

(videos courtesy of woai.com)