Spurs news and notes: Patience for Splitter, coach Bud, Manu and more

• Tiago Splitter’s transition in the NBA and the San Antonio Spurs has been slower than most expected. However, in an interview with balancesta.blogspot.com, Splitter knows he must have patience if he is to make an impact for the Spurs and to trust Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich:

The key word for me right now is patience, because I have no other option.

Splitter on coach Pop:

He has four NBA titles, we have the best record in the league and I’m adapting here. He did so with the Manu, Oberto, and with so many others, and I think part of the way he works. You have to respect, understand and try to follow what they are preparing for me here. The Popovich is a guy who is always worried about me, ask me about everything, wondering if I’m feeling good. I can not complain about anything.

• Spurs’ assistant coach Mike Budenholzer was mentioned as a possible candidate to takeover the head coaching reigns for the Charlotte Bobcats after Larry Brown resigned today:

Utah Jazz assistant Tyrone Corbin, San Antonio Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer, Phoenix Suns assistant Dan Majerle and Detroit Pistons assistant Darrell Walker were also potential candidates discussed internally. (source sports.yahoo.com)

It’s only a matter of time Budenholzer more and more attention to become a head coach in the NBA and the possibility of him leaving the Spurs increases.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin discusses the fact that no matter how many wins the Spurs are getting, it’s still not enough to separate themselves from the Dallas Mavericks who are right on their heels in the Southwest Division.

• Spurs’ assistant coach Chip Engelland recalls his first-steps into the basketball world from starting out as a ball boy to becoming what he is today. Let’s just say Wilt Chamberlain and a former Spurs’ player helped shape him:

Over dinner one evening, Engelland gushed about one particular experience.

“Hey mom, I played in a pick up game today with Wilt Chamberlain.”

Mom: “Great honey. Pass the green beans.”

As Engelland grew, so did his game and influence. He recalls befriending a UCLA ballboy who came after him, Steve Kerr. “He became the first NBA player I worked with full time,” Engelland says. (source spurs.com)

• In the book “The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History,” Ross Atkins of the CS Monitor mentions a few things he learned from the book including this tidbit about Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich:

Gregg Popovich, the highly regarded coach of the San Antonio Spurs, first became a head coach at Pomona-Pitzer, a small college in California where his first team went 2-22 and he instructed his brainy players to move their heads “up and down like a sine wave.” (source axcessnews.com)

• Spurs’ Manu Ginobili talks about the team’s fast-start and says he doesn’t even want to think about it:

• Former Spurs’ guard Alvin Robertson will remain under house arrest in San Antonio while awaiting trial on a felony child sex trafficking charge, a judge ruled Wednesday. Here is what he had to say:

“I’m not here to hide or run from anybody,” he testified. “I think I followed the rules as closely and as on point as you could possibly be.” (source Express News)

Hoping Robertson can someday reform himself and be remembered for what he did in the NBA and for the Spurs and not for his legal woes.