Spurs news and notes: Parker jokes about Dancing with the Stars, Nowitzki on the Spurs, and more


• San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker jokes about appearing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

As for Parker’s own TV debut, when asked if he’d consider joining “Dancing with the Stars,” he replied, “I don’t know, why not?” (etonline.com)

• Spurs’ Manu Ginobili spoke about the Spurs, his career, and more in this Q&A with Hoops Hype:

For how long do you think the Spurs will be contending?

MG: Who knows. It depends on our health. Right now I can tell you if anything happens to Tim (Duncan), Tony (Parker) or me or any other key player, the chances decrease dramatically. So far we’ve been healthy, but no team wins without health. It’s a matter of waiting. Why do we have to keep guessing?

Has your NBA career surpassed the expectations you had for yourself coming in?

MG: It has surpassed all my expectations. Coming into the NBA, I never thought I would play an All-Star Game. While I was playing in Italy, if you told me I was going to be a three-time champion, I would have said you were crazy. No chance.

• DeJuan Blair says Tim Duncan and Antonio McDyess are like brothers to him:

Blair deserves a lot of credit for staying positive through his draft-night freefall and continuing to work hard, but he makes sure to always point how much teammates Antonio McDyess, Tim Duncan and head coach Gregg Popovich have helped him along the way.  (hoopsworld.com)

“They teach me a lot,” Blair told HOOPSWORLD. “With Tim and Antonio they’re like my big brothers.

• Spurs’ Tiago Splitter spoke on his transition into the NBA and the Spurs:

“I am a new player who comes to a team that works very well and winning games. So it’s difficult to change anything now, but I’m still working and training hard to wait for my chance,” he stressed.

• Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki speaks on the Spurs:

“The Spurs are playing really well, they’ve really been injury-free for the first time in a long time,” Nowitzki said.

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• Express News’ Tim Griffin asks how confident are Spurs’ fans about Duncan’s and Ginobili’s performance in the 2011 All-Star game.

• The Spurs might be sitting atop the NBA standing at a 46-10 record but it seems they cannot escape the “boring” label:

Now, if you think we’re going to write an entire column on the San Antonio Spurs, you’re crazier than the route Ron Artest can take when expressing himself.

We’d prefer that you keep reading. Duncan and Ginobili, as good as they are, aren’t that good. Nor are they that interesting. Remember, it’s the Spurs.

So, don’t worry, we’ll get to Kevin Love chiding USC and Paul Pierce mocking Lamar Odom’s muscles and Dwight Howard calling Shaquille O’Neal prehistoric. (ocregister.com)

• Seems Duncan is a closet Justin Bieber fan and check out Manu’s new shoes:

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