Spurs news and notes: Neal, Bonner, fun with Duncan, and more


• San Antonio Spurs rookie Gary Neal continues to receive accolades this time from Sports Illustrated:

The Spurs’ league-best record is, as ever, a product of Tim Duncan’s post play, Tony Parker’s whiz-bang playmaking and Manu Ginobili’s creative scoring. But San Antonio also has its best group of reserves in years, and Neal has been as valuable as any. He is easily their biggest surprise, averaging 8.5 points.

• By now everyone has heard of Spurs’ guard Tony Parker splitting from his ex-wife Eva Longoria. However, Parker has stated the divorce has actually made him focus more on basketball:

In an interview with France’s Le Parisien, the San Antonio Spurs player said that the sport helps him to put things in perspective and to “make sense of things”.

“The most important thing is to stay strong mentally, even if these are very difficult times,” he explained.

“I’ve taken refuge in basketball because that’s what I’ve done best since my youth.”

Parker added: “You have to know how to keep things in perspective. I am, first of all, a basketball player.

“I’ve done this for so very long… For me, it’s been essential to be successful on the court.” (source digitalspy.com)

• Should Tim Duncan be an All-Star? Well Air Alamo debates this topic. Here is an excerpt:

Tim Duncan is undoubtedly one of the 10 best NBA players of all time, and probably the greatest power forward ever. That being said, is The Big Fundamental a Western Conference All-Star this year? To answer, we’re first going to have to acknowledge that yes Timmy’s production has slipped.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about Matt Bonner thriving inside the three-point line. 

• Manu Ginobili speaks on all the technical fouls called on the Minnesota Timberwolves when the Spurs faced them recently:

• Duncan talks about the Spurs’ recent victory against the Milwaukee Bucks:

• And finally our good buddy John Karalis over at Reds Army might have had too much time on his hands and had some fun with Duncan and the Boston Celtics:

(videos courtesy of woai.com)

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