Spurs news and notes: Loathing the Spurs, Horry on the Hall of Fame, and more


• The Commercial Appeal says learning to loathe the San Antonio Spurs is fun:

You hate Manu Ginobili now, don’t you?

You hate the way he gets every call, you hate that stupid elbow brace he wore, you hated that flop. That ridiculous flop. The one late in the game against Tony Allen.

You hate Tim Duncan now, too, don’t you? Or at least you hate that disbelieving stare. Has the guy ever committed a foul without complaining about it?

You hate the refs. You hate those homers who were calling the game for NBA TV. You hate the spoiled San Antonio fans.

Or, at least, you’re supposed to.

• Former Spurs player Robert Horry says he will not be defined by whether he is ever inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame:

“I won’t let the Hall of Fame define me as a player,” says Horry, who averaged only 7 points and 4.8 rebounds per game during his career. “I talk to a lot of Hall of Fame players, and they don’t let it define them.

“Most of them are probably jealous of me because I got seven championships,” he says, laughing. (abqjournal.com)

• Bloguin’s own Awful Announcing discusses the Spurs’ TV duo of Bill Land and Sean Elliott:

For the record, I agree with the sentiments here.  Land and Elliott’s announcing was at best annoying and at worst insufferable.  I’m sure thousands of NBA fans around the country reached for the remote to change the channel, or at least hit the mute button.  However, as I tweeted Wednesday night. Don’t blame Elliott and Land… blame NBATV.

The Spurs announcers are supposed to be biased towards the Spurs.  They aren’t paid to give a rational, objective viewpoint.  They are paid to be Spurs announcers.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about Manu Ginobili’s right arm brace.

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