Spurs news and notes: Lakers on facing the Spurs, David Robinson says Rodman was annoying, and more


• The San Antonio Spurs will face the Los Angeles Lakers tomorrow and Lakers’ Shannon Brown says there’s a good chance the Lakers and Spurs will meet in the playoffs:

“It’s a good chance of it,” Shannon Brown said of a potential Alamo-Hollywood showdown in the postseason. “We can’t continue to give them confidence to know that they can come out and they can play with us and they can beat us. When we go in there Sunday it’s going to be a dogfight.” (espn.com)

• Lakers coach Phil Jackson talks about the mindset the Lakers need to have entering tomorrow’s contest with the Spurs:

“If we play Sunday like we did [against the Bobcats], we’re not going to be in the contest, there’s no doubt about that,” said Jackson. “But, we find a way against that team, we find a way to play against them and we’ll compete.” (espn.com)

• Lakers’ Derek Fisher sprained his elbow against the Charlotte Bobcats but Lakers coach Phil Jackson says Fisher will be OK for tomorrow’s game:

“I think he’ll be ready,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “He’s strong as an ox. He’s got enough strength to probably hold it together.”

Fisher declined to talk to reporters after the game other than to say “Yep” when asked if he felt all right. (latimes.com)

• Spurs’ George Hill talks about facing the Lakers tomorrow:

• MVPTexas.com talks about the Spurs making winning the norm:

One of the good things about an 82 game season is that teams have enough time to work out the kinks, recover, go into a slump, recover, suffer a few injuries, and then still be healthy enough to make a good run in the post season.

It is not uncommon to see many teams in the post season go through any of the above situations. While being consistently good during the season would be nice teams know it is unlikely. However, for the San Antonio Spurs that is exactly what they have been.

• Former Spurs player Dennis Rodman is a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame and former Spur and Hall of Famer David Robinson had this to say about playing against Rodman:

“He was annoying,” Robinson said. “He just would be in your shorts all the time, always there with you. He was a very, very strong guy — a little bit undersized at times, but he never let it stop him. He had relentless energy, and he had no fear.” 

• RedsArmy.com is keeping a close eye on the Spurs as the playoffs are fast approaching.

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• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about the Spurs’ offense.

• The Spurs’ D-League affiliate Austin Toros made another trade. Read the report at Toros Nation.

• Pounding the Rock shares pictures from the Spurs-Heat game.

• Former Spurs scout Ed Manning and father to former NBA player Danny Manning passed away.

• Norther Arizona’s Cameron Jones is getting comparisons to Spurs’ George Hill:

Papile likened Jones to the San Antonio Spurs’ George Hill, whose size, skills and mid-major school — Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis — mirror Jones’.

“His versatility and ability to shoot the ball are impressive,” Papile said.