Spurs news and notes: Hill is wrong, NBA Finals, and more


• Bizjournals.com says San Antonio Spurs’ George Hill was wrong with his season-ending assessment of the Spurs season:

When Spurs guard George Hill suggested recently that San Antonio’s disappointing ouster from the NBA playoffs did not warrant major changes, he was, with all due respect, wrong.

• Spurs Brasil talks about James Anderson and other Spurs players as solid wing players for San Antonio. 

• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about Spurs VP of Basketball Operations Danny Ferry and the GM position with the Portland Trail Blazers.

• Pounding the Rock discusses cheering for the Dallas Mavericks in the upcoming NBA Finals.

• Spurs.com has video of Spurs players visiting the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio.

• Speaking of the NBA Finals, WOAI.com discusses a Mavericks-Heat Finals and how it is a nightmare matchup for Spurs fans: