Spurs news and notes: Camby to play vs. Spurs, Gasol says Lakers won't catch Spurs, and more


• The San Antonio Spurs will face the Portland Trail Blazers tomorrow night in Portland and Marcus Camby will be back in the Blazers’ lineup after suffering a sprained ankle:

Center Marcus Camby, who sat out the Trail Blazers’ last game with a sprained ankle, said Thursday he will play in Friday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs.

“San Antonio tomorrow, it’s a big game,” Camby said after practice Thursday. “We play this team twice in a matter of days. The next week, the stretch of games we have is important, so it’s important for all of us to be out there on the court.”

• With the Spurs holding a comfortable lead in the NBA standings at six games, Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol says it’s unlikely the Lakers will catch the Spurs:

There was also some discussion with Gasol about whether or not the Lakers are still looking at the Spurs, six games ahead in the standings with 10 left to play for L.A. and 11 for the Spurs. Gasol said it would be “very unlikely” for the Spurs to lose enough games (six) to even give the Lakers a chance at running the table for a tie, and responded to a reporter’s question about whether or not he were sticking pins in a Tim Duncan (out with a sprained ankle) doll as follows: “No, not at all. I don’t have a Tim Duncan doll.” (nba.com)

• With the NCAA Tournament in full swing, the New York Times says BYU’s Jimmer Fredette would not fit in with the Spurs’ system should he go pro:

An Eastern Conference personnel director said that much of Fredette’s success in the N.B.A. could be predicated by what team he ends up on. He might flourish in a system like those of the Knicks, the Phoenix Suns or the Golden State Warriors, where the emphasis is on offense and scoring. A team like the San Antonio Spurs would likely not be as good a fit.

“I think he will translate fine as a pure shooter,” the personnel director said. He added: “He will need to go to a team that is either stacked with good defenders or a team that doesn’t emphasize defense. For as sharp a shooter as he is, he’s just as bad of a defender.”

• RedsArmy.com sends out a spy to keep an eye on the Spurs.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin shares some notes from last night’s Spurs-Denver Nuggets game.

Hit the jump to read about how to win free tickets to the upcoming Spurs-Blazers game in San Antonio, an Austin Toros update, which team former Spur Sean Elliott is picking to win the NCAA Tournament and more.

• The Austin Toros went 1-1 recently keeping their playoff hopes alive. Check out the video recaps at Toros Nation.

• Playmakeronline.com discusses last night’s Spurs loss to the Nuggets.

• Spurs.com talks about Tiago Splitter hanging tough.

• The New York Times talks about Tiago Splitter getting time on the court in Duncan’s absence.

• Former Spur Sean Elliott picks the Kansas Jayhawks to win the NCAA Tournament:

“It’ll be Kansas,” Elliott said from Denver, where he was working as an TV analyst for the Spurs-Nuggets game. “I haven’t watched a ton of college ball, but they’ve had a great year — and I don’t believe in Ohio State.” (Express News)

• TheRepublic.com talks about sports fans doing anything to distract players during games and points out what the New Orleans Hornets once did to Tony Parker:

New Orleans Hornets crowd once tried to distract San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker with a life-size cutout of his then-wife, Eva Longoria.

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