Spurs news and notes: Bulls on facing the Spurs, trading Tony Parker, and more


• The San Antonio Spurs will face the Chicago Bulls tomorrow night to conclude their Rodeo Road Trip. It will be a huge game for both teams but don’t tell that to Bulls’ coach Tom Thibodeau:

“Every game’s a measuring stick for us,” Thibodeau said Wednesday at the Berto Center. “We want to be consistent with our approach.” (dailyherald.com)

• Bulls’ Derrick Rose weighed in on tomorrow’s matchup and if it’s a measuring stick for the Bulls:

“If they think that, that’s great,” Rose said. “I wouldn’t mind that at all. It’s a measuring stick for us to see how far we’ve come.” (dailyherald.com)

• The Daily Princetonian suggests the Spurs should trade Tony Parker to the New Orleans Hornets for Trevor Ariza, Marcus Banks, and Willie Green to shake things up in the NBA:

New Orleans Hornets trade: Emeka Okafor and Jarrett Jack to the Utah Jazz; David West to the Phoenix Suns; and Trevor Ariza, Marcus Banks and Willie Green to the San Antonio Spurs.

Utah Jazz trade: Deron Williams to the New Orleans Hornets.

Phoenix Suns trade: Steve Nash to the New Orleans Hornets.

San Antonio Spurs trade: Tony Parker to the New Orleans Hornets.

• Seems the Spurs were interested in acquiring Portland Trailblazers’ Joel Pryzbilla:

They offered Przybilla a reported two-year, $3.35 million contract. When that expired, there were other teams interested in him, notably the soon-to-be NBA champion San Antonio Spurs, but Przybilla opted to remain loyal and reward the faith Portland originally had in him. (mndaily.com)

• Express News’ Tim Griffin asks if you can name all former Spurs players who played in at least 1,000 NBA games.

Hit the jump to read if the Spurs tanked the 1997 season, about George Gervin making a landmark trip, how age is nothing but a number for the Spurs, how to win free tickets to the upcoming Spurs-Oklahoma City Thunder game, and more.

• SI.com asks if the Spurs tanked the season in 1997 to get the number one pick in the draft which turned into Tim Duncan.

• What has been the Spurs’ formula for a successful season? Keeping it simple according to SFGate.com.

• Fox Sports Southwest dives into the Spurs’ numbers that matter:

San Antonio Spurs: 6th in points scored, 10th in points allowed, 12th in opponent’s field-goal percentage and 2nd in point differential.

When discussing the Spurs, you may have heard the following more than once: “The Spurs are playing exactly like the teams they’ve always beaten in the playoffs.”

This is in reference to the up-tempo style of offense they’ve embraced while becoming a middle of the pack defensive team. Yet, this ignores the fact that this is a common trait of many championship squads, statistically excelling at one end of the court while wading through mediocrity at the other during the regular season.

• Spurs.com has a feature on the Spurs’ arena announcer Kevin “Big Kev” Brock.

• Spurs’ legend George Gervin will be making a landmark trip to India:

The first-ever joint trip to India between the US basketball league and the US State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, tipping off a sport envoy program, runs from February 22 to March 2 in Mumbai and New Delhi.

• Dailycampus.com talks about the Spurs’ consistency.

• Miscellanynews.com talks about how age is nothing but a number for the Spurs.

• The Spurs doctors once helped Gene Derricotte the first African-American to start in the offensive backfield at Michigan, also broke racial barriers while serving his country as a Tuskegee Airman.

• Want to win free tickets to the Spurs-Thunder game in San Antonio this month? Just follow @projectspurstiq on Twitter for a chance to win. It’s that easy.

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