Spurs New Free Agent Recruitment Advertisement


This just in and it’s a Projectspurs exclusive! The Spurs new Free Agent Recruitment Advertisement and we have it here for you…..
Setting: RC Buford and Pop enjoying a nice glass of ice-tea while sitting on a porch under a clear San Antonio sky!
RC: MMMMMM AHHHH I reckon nothing beats an ice tea on a hot Texas day huh Pop?
POP: You got that right RC but know what I like better?
RC: What’s that?
POP: Our franchise being the rest-home for many aging NBA vets. Why Dallas, Phoenix, Hornets and many other teams get younger and quicker, I prefer the slowness and aged NBA vet! Who needs youth when you got liver spots on some players!
RC: I hear ya’ Pop! Nothing sounds better to my ears than having old-ass Robert Horry ask for a glass of prune juice instead of a Gatorade!
Now Pop looks into the camera…
Pop: We here at the San Antonio Spurs Front Office know there are many aging NBA vets who just need that last go ’round in the NBA. So if you have 13 or more years in the NBA and no other team wants you, then come on down to our neck of the woods.
RC: That’s correct! Why sign young talent when we can get the likes of Jacques Vaughn and he must be like 80 years old!
Pop: Oh yea! Shoot, we even ditched some of our young Euro players in Luis Scola and Javtokas to clear room in the hopes Moses Malone will return to us! That should solve our Center position!
RC: So if your NBA resume reads, ‘played with the San Diego Clippers’ then…..
Pop: Come on down to San Antonio and join the rest-home errrrrrrr I mean the team!
RC: Mmmmm Hmmm and we guarantee there will be plenty of prune juice on the sidelines!