Spurs most expensive remaining road games


If you ever had a chance to catch a San Antonio Spurs’ road game, then you know how it has that “behind enemy lines” feel to it. You are in a sea of other colors than the usual sea of black and silver. However, you are there to brave hostile waters and represent Spurs fandom.

With the season fully underway, you might try to catch a Spurs’ road game. If so, here are the most expensive remaining road games for the team: 

Interesting to note the games in Los Angeles versus the Lakers. The February 3 game is 16% above the average, and the game on April 12 is 10% above. However, this is only the sixth and ninth highest priced games for the rest of the year in Los Angeles. Which is surprising considering this could be a potential Western Conference Finals matchup.

So if you are entertaining the thought of catching a Spurs’ road game, click HERE to grab some tickets.

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