Spurs may have to dig deeper for Splitter


Tiago SplitterAccording to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Timberwolves signing of Nikola Pekovic to a three year, $13 million contract may have ruined the Spurs plans to sign Splitter and have money left over for another player, all with the midlevel exception.

There were undoubtedly some eyes rolling into the backs of heads in the Spurs’ front office with the Minnesota Timberwolves close to an agreement with European center Nikola Pekovic on a three-year, $13 million contract. The Spurs are negotiating to bring over 2008 first-round pick Tiago Splitter this summer, and Pekovic’s deal promises to elevate Splitter’s leverage.

That second free agent very well could be Golden State’s Anthony Morrow, who Wojnarowski says attracted several suitors, including San Antonio.

The 6-5 Morrow averaged 13 points per game with the Warriors last season. The Spurs could see him as more outside shooting help, which they desperately needed against the Suns in the playoffs, and Morrow shot an impressive 45 percent from beyond the arc last season.