Spurs may have a shot at Nene


NNOn Friday, our own Trevor Zickgraf wrote a column suggesting why the San Antonio Spurs should entertain the idea of bringing free agent Eddy Curry into San Antonio. The idea behind the column was Curry is a risk-reward type of player that the Spurs could possibly sign for the league minimum.

However, word has come out via the Denver Post (H/T Matt Moore of CBSSports.com) that Denver Nuggets free agent Nene isn’t necessarily looking for money in his next move, instead he’s looking to win now.

“I’m very competitive. I want to accomplish everything. It’s a big opportunity, and it’s the only one in my life to be a top free agent. So I want to enjoy this moment. If people think it’s about money, they’re wrong. I’ve saved my money. I could retire today. I don’t need to prove points. I like it a lot here.”

Moore mentions the most intriguing places for Nene would be in Denver, Miami, Boston, or New York. Moore also writes it all depends on how much money Nene is willing to leave on the table.

Here’s where the Spurs come into play.

They could possibly join Nene’s wish list in the category of teams that he’ll have a chance to win a championship with. Should he and his agent look into the Spurs, he’d be comforted knowing he’ll get a lot of playing time and be an integral part of the system since head coach Gregg Popovich will be doing his best to limit Tim Duncan’s minutes as much as possible and it won’t put so much pressure on second year player Tiago Splitter.

Sure the Spurs are a bit strapped financially but depending on what type of new CBA is decided after the lockout, the Spurs could possibly get Nene a few extra bucks if the sign-and-trade option is still available. Throw in the fact that Nene is a native Brazilian, the Spurs could use Splitter to try and persuade his fellow country man into joining the silver and black.

The decision will ultimately rest with Nene. As Moore said, if he wants to get paid and be the star, he’ll stay with Denver or possibly go to Indiana. If he’s looking for a ring, veteran teams like the Spurs, Heat, and Celtics are some of his other options.