Spurs Marveled by Their Training Camp Digs


With the reputation the government has for its quality of work leaving something to be desired, it comes as big surprise to hear that the San Antonio Spurs players are awe struck by the facilities at the Air Force Academy during their four day training camp.

According to Tony Parker the best way to describe the training camp digs is big.

Via Gazette.com:

"Big arena, big trainer's room, weight room, everything is big. I wish we had that in France for the best team in France."

Even Manu Ginobili had the same reaction.

"It's massive,I didn't expect it to be that big. Indoor track-and-field place, hockey, two basketball courts that are better than any arena in Argentina."

With the new players that came on board during the offseason, Ginobili believes having training camp away from the Alamo City help the team down the road.

"But you go to a different place, get to know the new guys, have team meals; I think it's important."

While building team chemistry helps to get the team through a long season, for the Spurs all roads and preparations lead to the playoffs and getting Tim Duncan one last ring before he retires.

With the end of last season still fresh in their minds, the Spurs need to take this time and increase the game time experience and confidence of the coaching staff in the role players.

The previous seasons have showed us that keeping the "Big Three” of Parker, Ginobili and Duncan healthy is crucial, but the role players need to be ready to be steady contributors as well. 

“The Big Three” are still capable of keeping the team in the game but with out the role players’ contributions, the Spurs will be left searching for an end of game scoring punch.

So Spurs’ do you feel that this time away from the Alamo City will lead to the Spurs standing atop the podium holding the Larry O’Brien trophy next June?

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