Spurs Lottery Prospect Watch: Cameron Reddish


While the preseason hasn’t even started, that doesn’t mean it’s too early to take a look at some NBA Draft prospects. The first several of these will look at lottery picks even if they may not be in the range of the Spurs’ potential pick.

While Las Vegas doesn’t think the team will make the playoffs, just about everyone disagrees with that prediction and believes the Spurs will be picking outside of the lottery once again. So without further ado, we get to today’s prospect to watch in Duke forward Cameron Reddish.

This is the third Duke player we’ve got on the docket and it will be the last one for at least a little bit. The 6-foot-8, 218-pound forward is yet another wingman for the Blue Devils this season who is expected to have a great season. He’s not the shooter that teammate R.J. Barrett and he doesn’t have the crazy athleticism of Zion Williamson. He falls somewhere in the middle of both of those guys as far as their strengths go.

Reddish is a solid shooter right now and he has a clear path to improve on his jumper. It will require some tweaking in his mechanics, but it should translate to the next level. He is probably the best defender of the three though as he is able to guard multiple positions as a big shooting guard.

He is quick, can stay in front of smaller guys and is big enough to keep the 2s and 3s from overpowering him as well. He would definitely be an ideal defender at the next level and we will get a chance to see just how good he can be this season.

One issue Reddish has is his irrational confidence in his shooting abilities — think Gary Neal, Spurs fans. While he is a solid shooter, he tends to take more “heat check” shots than you’d like to see out of him and that can throw a team out of rhythm. His biggest question mark is if he can get all of his talent and size together and consistently play at the high level expected out of him.


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