Spurs lose to Celtics; Panic Attack Upon Us!!!


I guess you can say that I was fortunate enough to attend tonight’s game vs. the Celtics. I thought I was too, until I saw the damn game! As you know if you watched, the Spurs started the game off very strongly, shooting 60% in the First Quarter, jumping out to a 28 to 11 lead. They even built the lead up to 22 at a point in the Second Quarter, But thats when the tables turned. Slowly but surely, the Celtics clawed their way back into the game, taking their first lead midway thorugh the Third Quarter. I’m not going to sit here and bore you readers with the gruesome details of how the Spurs choked another one away, but I will say it wasn’t pleasant. The Spurs were up one with one minute left in the game when Manu turned the ball over. Sam Cassell proceeded to hit a clutch three pointer on the other end. Then Manu missed another three and that was the game. It was sickening to watch as a Spurs fan to see them lose that game. Another St. Patricks Day miracle for the Celtics.
Looking forward now, the Spurs are in Panic MODE!!! They are now in seventh place in the Western Conference and are on a four game losing streak. I don’t really know what to expect of this team anymore. They don;t play defense, Tim Duncan chokes at the end of games, and we fold under pressure. These are not the usual characteristics of the Championship-Caliber Spurs teams. They are definitely in trouble and if they want any hope of a Championship, something better start clicking fast. Brent Barry, I hope you bring a miracle on March 21st when you return.
I have pictures of tonight’s game and I’ll have them posted in a couple days.