Spurs Looking To Make Big Moves Before The Upcoming Season

With the new season looming for all NBA sides, they are starting to take pre-season seriously against and preparation for the season has never been busier. For the San Antonio Spurs, they are taking that to the next level this year and are planning big things to attempt to get their side back up to greatest again, a place they know very well. Below we look at some of the stuff that they are trying to do to get in place before the season starts.

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For many, the NBA draft can be the most exciting part of the season in which we see the most business and trades going on and getting you hyped for the season. Spurs in recent years have been quite quiet when it comes to the NBA draft, but it looks as if something is going on behind the scenes where there are growing rumours that the Spurs are up to something, and something big this season is what they require.

However, it isn’t all rosy news for the Spurs, with the recent announcement that legend Tim Duncan is now stepping away from his full-time role as the assistant coach of the Spurs after just one season under the team he played for nearly two decades. The one season that he was second in command, the Black and Silver seriously struggled during this time with them just missing out on the playoffs and potentially the reason why Tim Duncan is looking to move on.

Due to this, this is why executives at the firm are looking to invest grandly in the side and now see this as an opportunity to attempt to improve their squad and ensure that they are back at the top competing again; and quite frankly, where they belong. The most exciting news for the Spurs is that potential top pick James Wiseman has recently came out and said that David Robinson and Tim Duncan are players in which he idolises when growing up and tries to play as they do… this is music to any Spurs fans ears.