Spurs looking to close out series tonight


With the San Antonio Spurs up 3-0 in their first round series with the Utah Jazz, they have a chance to sweep in tonight’s Game 4 in Salt Lake City.

Ending the series tonight to not only give the Spurs’ older players some extra time to rest before the next series would be beneficial. At the same time, the Spurs don’t want to give the Jazz and their fans any glimmer of hope.

While Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told media at yesterday’s practice that the team doesn’t think of games in terms of getting extra rest, Tim Duncan agrees that it would be best to end the series tonight.

“We want to stay away from injuries, we want to get as much rest as possible, we want to stay as fresh as possible so all of that equals trying to get this series done as as soon as possible, so we want to close out as soon as we can,” Duncan said.

For the Spurs, hopefully that means they get to take a plane ride home after tonight’s game and the Jazz can keep their bags unpacked in Utah.