Spurs look to get healthier and improve their play before Game 1


Gregg Popovich knows his San Antonio Spurs are struggling for the first time in a long time heading into the playoffs. The team hasn't been making their shots and have been unreliable on defense. Tim Duncan has had to play as close as he can to the vintage MVP-like player he used to be to even keep the Spurs in the game, let alone to win it.

Coach Pop made known his concern for his team after the Spurs finished their regular season against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

"Just like any coach, you want to improve everything that you're doing." said Popovich. "There isn't a lot of time between now and Sunday, so we want to be healthier and we'll continue to work on executing at both ends of the court. It's a game of mistakes."

The team has faltered on both sides of the floor as of late, but it sounds like Pop may be hoping the intensity of the playoffs will get their games straightened out. The Spurs now know their opponent will be the Los Angeles Lakers in their opening round for the postseason and it will give them a chance to scout the team.

This will be a good test for the Spurs mentally with Los Angeles losing Kobe Bryant for the season and Steve Nash likely returning from a hamstring injury he suffered late in the season. The time between now and the first game of the series will give San Antonio some rest to get a bit more healthier, but every team is banged up right now.

In the end, it will be how well the Spurs can execute on the floor that will decide their postseason fate.