Spurs Links: Waiting for the second round


The Nuggets and Warriors series continue and the San Antonio Spurs still wait for which team they will face next in the West Semifinals. So as the Spurs wait patiently, so do my fellow Spurs bloggers and media.

Let's take a look at what is going on at the other San Antonio sites to see how they been spending their time before the Spurs get back on the court next week.

• MVP Texas weighs in on whether Houston should be the next destination for Dwight Howard

• The Big Fundamental throws the kitchen sink at you with some musings ranging from Cory Joseph to Pau Gasol and a beer gut

• Our good friends at News 4 San Antonio have the second round series schedule for the Spurs which kicks off this Monday

• Pounding The Rock takes a look at the future of the Spurs

• So what does Tony Parker think about the Hawks-Pacers series? Find out at Spurs Nation

• 48 Minutes of Hell explores how Russell Westbrook's injury changes the West playoff field


• Air Alamo is asking which Spur is the MVP of the first round. My MVP pick… the injury bug hitting up the Lakers

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