Spurs jerseys ranked in ESPN's top 20


San Antonio SpursYou've heard all of the old sayings.  The Spurs are boring. The Spurs are old. Yada, yada, yada.  Some fans choose not to listen to all of that noise, but most do and usually aren't happy about those myths (mostly because, especially the last few years they are just that, myths).  It's entirely possible that mythology is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.  The Spurs new uptempo offense is slowly but surely winning people across the country over (mostly other nerd bloggers, but whatever) and now there's this.  ESPN's Paul Lukas has been ranking all the uniforms from every professional MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL team and he gave the Spurs a very nice ranking of number 16 overall.

"The Raiders aren't the only team that knows how to wear silver and black. In addition to the killer colors, the Spurs are also among the few NBA teams that have successfully incorporated a graphic image into their chest typography — a small element that goes a long way. Kinda wish they'd go back to the scoop-neck collar instead of the V-neck, but that's a minor complaint."

Only the Boston Celtics ranked higher among NBA teams.  The Montreal Canadiens ranked first overall.  Lukas definitely skewed towards older, more traditional teams that kept the uniforms simple.  As an example the Chicago Bears ranked number two and those uniforms put me to sleep.  On the flip side he ranked the Dallas Mavericks' jerseys 105 out 122 and I've always found their jerseys to be pretty cool looking, especially when they don their alternate green jerseys.  Havign said that, I would concur that uniforms for teams like the Celtics and Spurs are better than this reddish shade of vomit that the Cleveland Cavaliers wear.  He also has the Sacramento Kings dead last among all teams.  I live in Sacramento and I agree with this.

In the spirit of making improvements, I offer the following two for the Spurs' uniforms.  First, bring back the the grey throwbacks as an alternate uniforms. They're slick looking and do a great job of paying homage to the George Gervin era Spurs. We can keep the Dallas Chapperals jerseys around too I suppose.  The second suggestion is making an all black jersey similar to what the Miami Heat wore this past season, just less shiny.  Before you scoff at the this notion of the Spurs mimicking the evil, vile Miami Heat, know that they've worn a similar uniform in the past. I'm just suggesting bringing those back minus the grey lining on the jersey.

What's your take Spurs fans? Did Lukas get his list right?  How about the ideas I mentioned.  Thumbs up or thumbs down? Let us know!