Spurs' Jackson calls out NBA style


Stephen Jackson clearly has a lot of hobbies outside of basketball. We know he likes to rap and is an avid shoe collector. Apparently now we can add fashion critic to the list.

Jackson posted a picture on his Twitter page of New York Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler dressed up for some sort of event. He was quite critical of their attire.

"This why I don't hang with nba cats,” Jackson said. “That's ain't trill. And if u mad check it." 

I have to agree with Jackson. Is Tyson Chandler wearing some sort of capris? It looks like both guys went into their closets, closed their eyes and just started grabbing clothes and putting them on.

These two aren’t the only NBA players guilty of some horrible fashion choices. Just about everyday there’s someone stepping out in a mismatched, off-colored ensemble that burns your eyes to look at. I’m sure Stephen Jackson is guilty of a few fashion faux pas himself.

But it’s fun to enjoy the style misfortunes of others. So check out the pic, have a good laugh and enjoy the rest of your Friday.