Spurs Interested In Trading for Raja Bell


According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, in his Weekend Dime article he confirms the Spurs have a desire in trading for Raja Bell.

The Spurs’ desire to trade for Bell — don’t forget that San Antonio had him in training camp once before, or that he and Tim Duncan are old pals from the U.S. Virgin Islands — has been confirmed.

Bell has a reputation as a hard-nose defender who can hit the three-point shot.  Should the Spurs make a trade for Bell, he would be their primary perimeter defender to go up against the likes of a Kobe Bryant.   Not only that, he would come with an expiring contract which could provide the Spurs some financial cap relief to go after a quality free agent in this summer’s outstanding free-agent crop.

However, he is scheduled for wrist surgery and probably would not be ready to play this season until March. Plus, as mentioned in the article, the Golden State Warriors have refused to buy out his contract thus the only way to get Bell would be through a trade.

The Spurs are loaded at the shooting guard position so there would be some players to use in a possible trade.  But who do the Spurs trade?  Keith Bogans? Malik Hairston?

It should also be noted the Spurs sent Malik Hairston to the Austin Toros.  Is there player movement on the horizon for the Spurs?

Please leave us your thoughts and comments.  Project Spurs will monitor this and keep all Spurs fans up to date with the latest news.

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