Suns site revisits Horry’s hip-check


For any sports fans, going into your sports memory bank and remembering bad moments is a route that most of us choose not to recall unless there is an important reason.

The “what if” game is always interesting in sports; “what if this happened?”, “what if that didn’t happen?”, etc.

A Phoenix Suns site decided to go down that route since there is relatively low basketball news with the NBA lockout underway. The site had a piece come out titled, Why was Robert Horry’s hip-check devastating? It robbed Phoenix of a title.

In the piece, the writer goes back to 2007. He tracks game four of the San Antonio Spurs versus the Suns in the second round. He takes you back to that game by discussing key moments in the game that led to the infamous Horry hip-check on Steve Nash.

He gives a Suns fans perspective to how they saw the hip-check, the suspensions for game five, and how they felt they had lost the series in the end because of the hip-check.

At the end of his piece, he said this:

Take away Horry’s hip-check, and Phoenix wins the title.

Look, I play the “what if” game all the time, even recently against Memphis. “What if Manu had not broken his arm against the Suns in the last game of the season?” Could the Spurs have beaten the Grizzlies?

As Spurs fans, we have a lot of “what if” moments throughout our history: “What if 0.4 didn’t count?”, “What if Manu hadn’t fouled Dirk for the three point play in 06′?” etc.

Welcome to the horrible memory club Phoenix, you’re offically here. You may hate the Spurs for being the team to put you in the club, but every sports franchise has these moments.

The key for Suns fans is to remain optimistic as the recently crowned Dallas Mavericks just did this past season. The Mavs were a team built on horrible losses and after all of it, today they can call themselves champions.



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