Spurs news and notes: Former Spur helping the Lakers, poking fun at Duncan, and more


• Former San Antonio Spurs player Chuck Person was known for his offensive skills but it seems he has a lot to do with the Los Angeles Lakers huge win against the Spurs yesterday and the Lakers improved defense:

“We kind of gave Chuck Person dedicated moments in practice to really work on our defense,” Jackson said. “He’s been good with the guys and handled it really well. We’ve taken extra time defensively in practice rather than doing as much execution offensively as we have in the past.” (latimes.com)

• After yesterday’s loss to the Lakers, Manu Ginobili shared his thoughts on the Spurs’ performance:

• Seems it wasn’t just the Spurs who suffered at the hands of the Lakers. Check out this Spurs fan getting tackled by Ron Artest.

• NBA.com caught up with Spurs’ great David Robinson and here is what he had to say about playing with someone who can post double-doubles nightly:

Jonah Ballow: How important is it to have a player like that – who can post double-doubles on a nightly basis?

David Robinson: Unbelievable, there’s no way you’re going to get to be a good team unless you have reliable leaders, consistent leaders, and he’s been that for that team, so at least it gives him kind of a good starting block to get back in the mix of all the top tier teams.

• With the Spurs celebrating Noche Latino night wearing the “Los Spurs” jerseys this past week, RedsArmy.com says let’s celebrate all cultures in the NBA with some fantastic pictures. A must see!

• Former Spur Bobby Simmons to sign with the D-League’s Reno Bighorns.

Hit the jump to read about Spurs’ head coach having a fitful night after the loss to the Lakers, George Hill’s and DeJuan Blair’s new show, The Onion poking fun at Tim Duncan once again, small vs big NBA markets, and more.

• The Onion is poking fun at Spurs’ Tim Duncan claiming he has meaningful relationships with 10,000 women.

• Check out the “Big N Smallz” show episode one staring George Hill and DeJuan Balir.

• Yahoo! Sports talked about tall players in the NBA to win a scoring title and look who made the list:

T-2. David Robinson – 7′ 1″

The Admiral David Robinson won one scoring title in his career in 1993-94 when he averaged 29.8 points per game for the San Antonio Spurs. Robinson won the title in dramatic fashion. He entered the last game of the season needing 33 points to pass Shaq for the title and he ended up scoring 71 points making 26 out of 41 (.634) shots from the field.

• Gary Neal’s old coach at Towson resigned today:

Towson University head men’s basketball coach Pat Kennedy resigned from his position effective immediately, TU Director of Athletics Mike Waddell announced on Monday. Kennedy completed his seventh season at Towson with a record of 4-26 as the Tigers head coach.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin talks about Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich having a fitful night after the Spurs’ loss to the Lakers.

• With small vs. big NBA market arguments going on right now in the NBA, seems the Spurs are scoring one for the small markets:

To be fair, there is a clear track record of very successful small-market NBA franchises. Simon needs to look no further than the Spurs, which have won four titles in 12 years despite residing in San Antonio.

“I think the small market versus big market thing is overplayed by the small market guys to some extent as an excuse,” said Glickman, who ran a small-market team himself. “Yes, market size is a factor. In my opinion, it’s too convenient and too simplistic of an explanation.”

The Spurs have benefited from excellent management that drafted less-sought-after foreign players like France’s Tony Parker who have turned into stars.

“They are figuring out how to value players appropriately, how to acquire them inexpensively and how to manage them,” said Boland. (foxbusiness.com)