Spurs have no interest in trading Parker to the Knicks


Yesterday, free-agent Amar’e Stoudemire told the New York Daily News, he could lure San Antonio Spurs’ guard, Tony Parker, into a New York Knicks’ uniform fueling speculation that Parker could be traded to the Knicks.

According to TNT’s David Alderidge, the Spurs have no desire in trading Parker:

Stoudemire said over the weekend that he thought he could lure both Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony and Spurs guard Tony Parker to New York, though both are currently under contract to their respective teams for another year. But a Spurs source said on Sunday that San Antonio has no interest in trading Parker to the Knicks in any kind of package involving Lee, the only significant chip the Knicks have left to use in a potential deal.

As the report states, the Spurs have no desire to trade Parker to New York but does it leave the door open for another team he could be traded to if the offer entices the Spurs?

Parker will be a free-agent after this season and he has expressed he would like to explore his options once his contract with the Spurs is over.