Spurs given a slim chance to win it all


Despite owning the NBA’s best record (32-6), the San Antonio Spurs were only given a 1% chance to win their fifth NBA title according to 157 NBA players in a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated.

The Los Angeles Lakers garnered 69% of the votes.

The poll was conducted during the month of December where the Spurs went 13-2 while the Lakers were 10-5 which included a loss to the Spurs.

Look, I get the Lakers are the reigning NBA champions but this Lakers team has been dealing with internal turmoil, dealing with injuries, Kobe Bryant dealing with a bothersome knee, and have the huge task at making it back to the Finals for a third straight season. It will not be easy for them.

But you know what? This is fine. Let the Spurs continue to remain under-the-radar. This is just more locker-room material for the team. Come playoff time and the Spurs are marching their way to the NBA Finals, I’m sure the 157 players who voted might ask for a re-vote.

What are your thoughts Spurs fans? I know you want to sound off on this.

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