Spurs' Ginobili has no plans to coach after retirement


San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili is back in his home country of Argentina for the Olympic qualifier in Mar del Plata.

At a press conference (via infobae.com) Ginobili said he does not want to become a coach after he retires from basketball, wouldn’t want to deal with office hours as a scout, and looks to spend time with his children:

“Manu” afirmó que luego del retiro no piensa en ser entrenador y contó sus planes: “No me veo como entrenador ni como asistente. El tema de ser dirigente o scout me puede interesar un poco más. No sé si estoy dispuesto a vivir allá y tener un horario de oficina. No está en mis planes. Lo que fue mi carrera, de tener un privilegio de tener una seguridad económica, no me hace pensar en viajar a Lituania u otro país a ver jugadores. Quiero disfrutar de mis hijos”, finalizó.

English translation via translator tool:

“Manu said that after the withdrawal does not think being a coach and had his plans:” I do not see as a coach or an assistant. The issue of being a scout leader or would I want a little more. I do not know if I’m willing to live there and have office hours. It is not in my plans. What was my career, to have a privilege to have financial security, I do not think about traveling to Lithuania or another country to see players. I enjoy my children ” he concluded.

Ginobili also said he is glad to be back with the national team after missing the tournament in Turkey last summer.

(photo: daylife.com)

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