Spurs getting ‘serious’ in the weight room


With the San Antonio Spurs’ opener with the Memphis Grizzlies less than a week away, it’s only natural the team will be buckling down and getting ready to take care of business. Looking at this picture, that’s definitely the case, sort of.

Tony Parker's photo Commercial with Tim, Manu and the Coyotte !!!
Tony Parker on WhoSay

I’m sure the San Antonio trio is much more focused when they’re actually hitting the weights, this was just for a local San Antonio TV commercial.

Good thing Manu is spotting the Coyote, it looks like he’s got a little too much weight on there. Being the narcissistic guy that he is, you might even wonder is narcissism genetic , Tony Parker is just staring at his “guns” rather than help out. Timmy D is business as always, he seems focused on promoting their product.

I’m guessing Coach Popovich isn’t around, I’m sure he wouldn’t allow these shenanigans in the weight room.