Spurs get tough draw on scheduling


I don’t normally get sucked into conspiracy theories suggesting that the NBA and commissioner David Stern want certain teams (Heat, Lakers) to succeed and other teams to fail. I know sometimes it may seem that way, but I just don’t believe in stuff like that.

While I don’t think Stern has it in for the San Antoino Spurs either, there’s an interesting little statistic (via Multiple Sources.net) that shows the team got dealt a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to scheduling.

If you look at the chart (via Multiple Sources.net), it shows the Spurs have the worst differential when it comes to their amount of rest days compared to their opponents’ rest days. That basically means that the teams the Spurs are playing on average are getting more rest before the game than they are.

Again, I don’t buy into conspiracy theories and I’m sure it’s hard enough as it is to put together a full 82-game schedule for 30 teams, let alone trying to make sure one team plays on less rest than their opponents. It’s just interesting to see that the Spurs do have an extra obstacle to climb throughout the regular season.

It also makes this whole issue about Stern cracking down on resting healthy players more relevant. If the Spurs are going to play the most grueling schedule out of all the NBA teams, don’t they have a right to rest and play their players as they see fit?

I also thought it was interesting, given how many people complain about the Heat’s extra days of rest, that they were 11th  from the bottom on this list, not nearly as bad as you might think.

The Lakers are third. Just more evidence that the schedule isn’t purposely stacked to favor certain teams. If you look at the top, the teams with the best draws are the Pacers, Cavs and Blazers. Not teams you often associate with NBA favoritism.

Even with the tough schedule, the Spurs are sitting atop the Western Conference with a 17-4 record, not exactly something to complain about. They continue to thrive no matter what type of hand they’re dealt.