Spurs Game 1 win by the numbers

During the NBA Finals, Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass will be contributing to Project Spurs during the San Antonio Spurs' chase for title number five.
The San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat in Game 1, 92-88, after a clutch Tony Parker bank shot with 5.2 seconds left.
Here are some other notable numbers from the Spurs' Game 1 win in Miami.
• The Spurs were outrebounded, 46-37. They were also outshot by the Heat (.436, compared to the Spurs' .417). Both teams shot terribly from behind the arc. The Heat shot 8 for 25 (.320) and the Spurs shot 7 for 23 (.304). Chris Bosh went 0 for 4 from three. But a number that really stood out? The Spurs only committed four turnovers compared to the Heat's eight.
• But where the Spurs really defeated the Heat? The fourth quarter. San Antonio beat Miami, 23-16, in the last 12 minutes; the Heat only trailed by 5:12 in the first 40 minutes and 13 seconds of the game (the Spurs took the lead with 7:47 left, 77-76, after Parker made both foul shots). San Antonio would take the lead for good with seven minutes left in the game.
• Also, the Heat shot poorly in the fourth. Check out this shot chart.
• If a team shoots under 28 percent in the fourth quarter, yeah, you're in trouble. Dwyane Wade, who had 17 points after three quarters, was scoreless in the fourth.
• Tony Parker scored 10 of his 21 points in the fourth, including that game-winner. But where the Heat really lost the game was, believe it or not, turnovers. The Heat turned the ball over four times in the fourth quarter while the Spurs didn't have any at all (remember, they had four in the whole game). 
• Tim Duncan scored 20 points and 14 rebounds. This was Duncan's 52nd 20-14 game in the postseason and 11th 20-14 in the Finals. The Spurs are 38-14 (.730) in the postseason and 9-2 (.818) in the Finals when Duncan hits those marks
• This is the second 18-18-10 game in the NBA Finals since 1985. LeBron James did just that in Game 1. Who was the other player that did it? Tim Duncan did it in Game 6 of the 2003 NBA Finals. That game clinched the Spurs' second NBA championship. This is the second time LeBron James got at least 18-18-10 in a playoff game.
• And with the win at Game 1, this is the Spurs' sixth straight win in the NBA Finals. They swept the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007 (led by James) and, of course, they won Game 7 of the 2005 NBA Finals against Detroit.