Spurs Free Agency Rumors: Day 1


•Iguodala chooses to remain with Warriors

(7/1/2017, 10:52 PM CST) On his personal Twitter account, Andre Iguodala announced he’ll re-sign with the Warriors. The Vertical reported the deal will be for 3-years, $48 million.

Iguodala deciding between Warriors, Spurs, Rockets and Kings

(7/1/2017, 10:25 PM CST) According to Chris Haynes of ESPN.com, Golden State Warriors unrestricted free agent Andre Iguodala is deciding between four offers from the Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and Sacramento Kings.

The Warriors have reportedly offered Iguodala a fully guaranteed 3-year deal for $45 million. On an average scale, that would pay Iguodala around $15 million per season. As long as the Warriors keep Iguodala’s cap hold on the books, they can exceed the cap to re-sign him because they have his bird rights.

If the Spurs were to renounce all free agents except Patty Mills (who will re-sign with San Antonio) and waive Bryn Forbes, San Antonio could offer Iguodala $14.8 million, which is just below $15 million on an average amount of what the Warriors are offering per season. However, it’s unclear how many years the Spurs’ offer would be with Iguodala.

Barring any trades, the Rockets can only offer Iguodala the non-tax payer mid-level exception of $8.4 million, which could amount close to $36 million over four seasons.

Assuming Bogdan Bogdanovic signs with the Kings for $9 million in the first year, the Kings could open up close to $45.4 million in cap space, which could beat any of the three offers. Though, the Warriors could also increase their offer since they have Iguodala’s bird rights.

For the Spurs, offering Iguodala as much as $14.8 million would mean they’d lose Jonathon Simmons, while Manu Ginobili and Paul Gasol would be renounced. This would leave San Antonio with only the room exception of $4.3 million to re-sign one of Gasol or Ginobili. The other would have to sign for the veteran minimum.

Simmons gauging interest from other teams

It appears San Antonio Spurs restricted free agent Jonathon Simmons will begin meeting with teams, according to a tweet from The Vertical’s Shams Charania early this morning.

As Paul Garcia reported yesterday, the Spurs were preparing an offer in the ballpark of $9 million per year for Simmons as he entered free agency, likely in hopes that he would verbally commit with them before taking any meetings or gauging his market value.

It appears Simmons is at least putting that offer on hold for now, and you can’t blame the 28-year-old guard. His value is likely high after his performance in the playoffs and this is likely his only opportunity for a lucrative contract in the prime of his career as he made it into the NBA late.

Simmons seems like the type of player Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau covets, but the Wolves have been mentioned as being interested in several other wing players like JJ Reddick and CJ Miles, so it’s unsure how deep-seated that interest is or if it’s just a backup plan type of deal if their first options fall through.

The Kings are the surprise of this list, considering they are already loaded down with wings, and they recently signed Bogdan Bogdanovic to a very rich rookie contract. The Kings are armed with cap space, and can possibly dangle a starting small forward spot in hopes of luring Simmons to Cowtown, but Kings blog Sactown Royalty is hoping the Kings don’t go above an offer in the area of about $11 million per year, which the Spurs would very likely match.


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