Spurs finish top 10 in ESPN's 'Best Franchise In Sports' list


Today, ESPN released a press release unveiling their list of the “Best Franchise in Sports,” the LA Times has reported.

According to a press release from the magazine, the list is meant to provide a ranking of 122 teams from NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball “according to how much they give back to fans for the time, money and emotion they invest in them.”

The magazine analyzed a team’s efficiency in spending fan money  compared to its performance on the field, while also factoring in fan feedback in 21 categories.

Even though the San Antonio Spurs didn’t finish as the the number one franchise in sports, it’s a great accomplishment to see where they finished in the list.

The top 10 was rounded out by the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Pittsburgh Steelers, Colorado Rockies, Memphis Grizzlies and Pittsburgh Penguins.

I’ve written the list in vertical format and put the teams with their respective sports to the side so you can see that the Spurs were the number one NBA franchise.  

1. Green Bay Packers (NFL)
2. Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
3. New Orleans Saints (NFL)
4. Los Angeles Angels (MLB)
5. San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
6. Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
7. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)
8. Colorado Rockies (MLB)
9. Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
10. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) 

Let’s give a pat on the back to Spurs fans and the Spurs’ operations team. Both have a great relationship and made the San Antonio Spurs franchise number one in the NBA.

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