Spurs Film Room: Quinndary Weatherspoon


By Rob Trejo

With the 49th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs selected Quinndary Weatherspoon. With a COVID-19 stamp on this NBA season, we can reflect on how the rookies did this year. Let’s break down the play of Quinndary Weatherspoon.

NBA Comparison

I’m going to compare Quinndary’s skills, to the skills of some former and current NBA players. I know I am comparing Weatherspoon to some of the biggest names at the point guard spot, however, when you see Q play, there is a realistic potential for these individual skills to reach the level of these great players.

Shooting – Steve Nash / Patty Mills (Spurs Patty Not Australia Patty)

Quinndary has a knack for finding 3 point opportunities. When Steve Nash was running with the Suns he did as well. We will never give the Spurs to Weatherspoon like that, but in the same sense, he likes to look to pull coming off pick and rolls and attacks the rim to make the easy play like Steve as well. Patty Mills has the same streaky ability to take over games with a 15 point half out of nowhere. It’s a good thing that Quinndary has an opportunity to learn from Mills because I can see their shot selections looking really similar if Weatherspoon eventually takes over the back up PG role in a few years.

Attacking the Rim – Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was a snake finding his way to the rim. He will wrap around one or two guys to make a quick u-turn and end up laying it up uncontested at the rim. Quinndary has the same nose for finding his way to get his momentum heading to the rim

Athletic Composition – Baron Davis

Baron was a very low to the ground type of player. He never needed to jump over anyone to get the ball off his hands to score. On the flip-side, we all remember his sneaky polarizing dunks he was able to pull off. Quinndary can put you on a poster in the same fashion. Quinndary also plays the head game looking to score with his heavy build has great strength and balance just like Davis.

IQ – Kemba Walker

I like to compare him to Walker here because in Weatherspoon’s first season with Austin, his role was very much a score first look to feed second mentality. Although Walker has a natural unselfish mentality, he looks to get his buckets from a variety of places on the floor. Quinn is not there yet. However, when it comes to feeding players around him and keeping the guys around you effective and happy, Quinn has the IQ to find a balance between running the show and being the show.


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