Spurs fans could miss more than the lockout takes away


Things just seem to go from bad to worse for basketball fans. Even if the season finally gets underway, which still isn’t looking good at this point, people who have DirecTV as their satellite provider may miss dozens of their favorite team’s games. DirecTV is struggling to strike up a deal with Fox, which could mean the end of the regional Fox Sports networks if a deal isn’t made by November 1st.

For San Antonio Spurs fans, this means if you have DirectTV, you wouldn’t get to see all the Spurs games you normally watch on Fox Sports Southwest. Also, you wouldn’t get to see The League on FX, very funny show. It looks like DirecTV is putting everything they have into paying for a shrink ray so Deion Sanders can play a fairy in their Sunday Ticket commercials. I would think showing every NFL game would bring in so much cash, you’d never have to worry about money again, but I don’t know how the TV provider business goes.

However, unlike the NBA lockout, I feel like TV deals usually get worked out. So hopefully before November, DirecTV and Fox can get it together, and Spurs fans could have the consolation of knowing that if there was basketball to be watched, they’d be watching it.