Spurs fan gets Matt Bonner shaved into hair and it is glorious


The San Antonio Spurs are marching through the playoffs and making short work of the competition. So of course, Spurs fans are showing their love for the men in black and silver by wearing Spurs jerseys, decorating their cars, or perhaps painting their face with the Spurs’ logo.

Then there are the super fans who will do anything and everything to show their Spurs pride.

As we reported, one fan got a pretty cool face of Tony Parker shaved into his hair but this tops even the TP haircut. How about a Spurs fan getting Matt Bonner’s image shave into his hair! And the fan is even a red-head like “The Red Rocket.”

(photo: KABB Fox 29, San Antonio)

How awesome is that Spurs fans? Seriously, that has to be on the Mount Rushmore of all haircuts ever done to someone’s head. Oh and by the way, the kid is in trouble for sporting the “Bonner” look at school as well.

Personally, I would never do this, but what do you have to say Spurs fans? Does this kid deserve a round of applause for showing his Bonner fandom? And I got to ask, would you ever get a Spurs player’s face etched on your head?