Spurs' Duncan might see 7's as upside-down L's


San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan is viewed as a calm, cerebral player on the court. Rarely engaging in smack-talk, always trying to out-smart his opponent and letting his game do all the talking.

But just how cerebral is Duncan? What goes on in that brain of his? Well according to former Spur Bruce Bowen, Duncan views things in everyday life a bit differently and was a bit strange due to Duncan’s psychology degree from Wake Forest. For example, the number “7.”

And with that, take it away Bowen:

“Tim’s a psychological guy,” Bowen said. “They don’t see things the same way.”

Bowen pointed to a sign with the number 7 on it.

“He might not say that’s a 7,” Bowen said. “He might say that’s an upside-down L.”

You know what, this is just fine.

If Duncan wants to see 7’s as upside down L’s so be it. Heck for that matter he can view the number “8” as a vertical infinity sign. I don’t care. As long as it brings in more winning seasons, and another title for the Spurs, then he can be as quirky as he wants to be.

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