Ginobili says Spurs did not pressure him into not playing this summer, updates his elbow injury


After suffering an elbow injury in the last game of the San Antonio Spurs regular season, and coming back in Game 2 of the first round of the playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies, Manu Ginobili says the Spurs did not try to convince him into not playing for Argentina at the pre-Olympic qualifier in Mar del Plata, Argentina this summer:

“La dirigencia de San Antonio no me presionó para que no jugará en el seleccionado cuando me lesioné. Al renovar en 2010, les había dicho que mi intención era jugar para Argentina este año y el próximo. Me desearon suerte y nada más”

“The leadership of San Antonio is not pressed me to not play in the national team when I was injured. To renew in 2010, told them that my intention was to play for Argentina this year and next. [They] [w]ished me luck and nothing else ” (translation by translator tool)

Ginobili also said he underwent medical tests in San Antonio before making the trip to Argentina and said the medical tests were positive:

“El miércoles pasado el cuerpo médico de San Antonio me realizó la última resonancia magnética. El líquido se ha reabsorbido y la pequeña fractura en el húmero está soldada en un 85 por ciento. Tendré que estar sin hacer nada durante 3 semanas, y luego empezaré lentamente”, destacó el jugador.

“Last Wednesday, the medical staff of San Antonio I had the last MRI. The liquid has been absorbed and small fracture in the humerus is welded at 85 percent. I have to be doing nothing for 3 weeks and then begin slowly.” (translation by translator tool)

Glad to hear Manu’s elbow is doing much better and he is ready to represent his home country in Mar del Plata this summer. Just do us a favor Manu, please stay healthy.


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