Spurs’ Derrick White is Making Fiesta Colored Shoes


When the San Antonio Spurs return to the court on July 31st, Derrick White will likely be rocking some new kicks. After a breakout playoff series against the Denver Nuggets last season, White has become one of the most important players on the team, and that effort is being noticed around the league.

On Wednesday, White joined Kicks on Instagram to help design a new pair of custom shoes with artist Marcus Rivero. Rivero has worked with the likes of Tom Brady and Dywane Wade in the past to create custom kicks.

When asked about a possible color scheme for his new pair, White gave an answer that will make Spurs fans everywhere happy. “We’ve got fiesta colors — that’s like our thing in San Antonio,” said White. “Pink, teal. I like those colors.”

Rivero replied: “So, why don’t we do that? Let’s retro them into an old-school San Antonio shoe that, if you were playing in 1992, you’d be rocking.”

Spurs fans have been begging for years for a return to fiesta colors, whether it be reflected on the court of the AT&T Center or on the players’ jerseys themselves.

White’s new shoes will also be reflecting something more important than a return to retro colors. “I was thinking of putting something for Elijah McClain,” said Derrick. “I’m a Colorado guy and that happened in Colorado.”

McClain was a 23-year-old man from Aurora, Colorado that died in police custody in August 2019 after being detained under suspicious circumstances.

With the recent national movements for racial and social justice, his case has attracted attention again, with some positive developments resulting from it that include a new independent investigation.

McClain’s hobby of playing violin for anxious pets at animal shelters also inspired Derrick to incorporate a violin somewhere on his upcoming shoes.

Rivero plans to have the shoes ready for Derrick White to sport sometime before the Spurs resume their season on July 31st.


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