Spurs’ Bonner raising funds for the Boys & Girls Club


If you happen to be in New Hampshire in July, you might have a chance to catch San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner on July 2 when he presents his “Sneakers and Speakers Charity Concert” to The Page in Portsmouth to help raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club:

“This is going to be the fourth show we’ve brought to New Hampshire for this cause. I am combining my passion for music with my love for New Hampshire to host a fun event to help raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club,” said Bonner.

The Spurs once again show they have players willing to go beyond the call and give back to their community. From George Hill and his basketball clinics, DeJuan Blair surprising his former high school, and many other Spurs, this team doesn’t forget to give back.

Great to see Bonner supporting the Boys & Girls Club.