Spurs’ Bonner brings down the house as high school keynote speaker


San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner was the keynote speaker at his former high school Concord High and brought the house down as only Bonner can:

Bonner gave a raucous and hilarious speech, literally pushing himself to the mic in a mock wrestling match with a man who stated that the NBAer was too busy to attend the ceremony. Bonner congratulated the graduating class and thanked everyone for showing up instead of attending the Bruins parade in Boston. He also apologized for not being Adam Sandler and said everyone would have to accept the fact that he was the second most popular CHS graduate – behind Mike “Boogie” Carri of the “Big Brother” reality series.

Bonner shared his fondness for growing up in Concord, enjoying ultimate Frisbee games at Memorial Field, getting pelted by upper classmen with eggs, and attending footballs games. He said it was amazing how many things had changed since moving back.

“Thinking back, I have no idea how we were able to survive,” he stated, to laughs.

“But I think you already know that,” Bonner said. “My real advice is this … there is no substitute for hard work. Hard work and a good attitude, goes a long way in this world … it’s universal.”

“Gas was $1 a gallon,” he said, “MTV still played music videos and the Old Man on the Mountain was still standing strong.”

Bonner lamented that he grew up in an age when students didn’t have cellphones, there was no texting or Facebook, and in a time where if you wanted to make an appointment with someone, you needed to use a landline phone or speak to them in person, a remark that garnered cheers and howls from the numerous audience members seated in the bleachers.

The Spurs continue to show their player’s willingness to give back to their respective communities. While many of the players can stay away from the public light during the offseason, Bonner proves not all NBA players are unwilling to go the extra mile.