Spurs’ bench makes comeback, Terry, Mavs still too much in overtime


The San Antonio Spurs went into the half trailing 51-40 as the Dallas Mavericks lead had JTreached 15-points in the first half. The Spurs’ bench had been outscored 18-2.

The third quarter didn’t look much better as the Spurs fell as far behind as 18-points and then, with 2:44 remaining, Richard Jefferson was the last starter sent to the bench and a comeback began.

Five members of the Spurs came off the bench and fought back to force overtime as Gary Neal, Danny Green, James Anderson, Tiago Splitter, and Matt Bonner combined for 53 points from the third quarter to overtime, but their efforts still weren’t enough to help the Spurs get a win as the Mavericks defeated the Spurs 101-100 in overtime.

Dirk Nowtizki made his return after missing four straight games for the Mavericks, but Vince Carter was the man of the first quarter as Carter poured in 10 points to begin a 12-2 run for the Mavericks after the Spurs had begun the game on a 6-0 run. The Mavericks ended the first quarter on an 8-2 run to lead 24-18.

The second quarter didn’t get any better for the Spurs as the Mavericks began the quarter on a 6-0 run and stayed above double-digits throughout the quarter. Tim Duncan had 10 points at halftime, but the Spurs’ bench only helped out with two points in 24 minutes of basketball. The Mavericks led 51-40.

The third quarter belonged to Jason Terry as the “J.E.T.” poured eight points in the quarter and the Mavericks used defense as Brendan Haywood recorded his fifth block to help the Mavericks attain an 18-point lead.

Once the Spurs’ bench was brought in late, they went on a 7-2 run to close the quarter as the Mavericks lead 69-58 after three.

The final quarter was a roller coaster of emotions as the Spurs’ benched carried their 7-2 third quarter run and combined it into a 24-6 run in the fourth quarter with 5:42 remaining. The Spurs poured in 33 points in the quarter as they connected on six three pointers, two by Neal, two by Green, one by Anderson, and one by Bonner. Gary Neal alone had 13 of his total 19 points in the fourth quarter. However, Jason Terry kept the Mavericks breathing with a 12-point fourth quarter.

Both teams exchanged blows, but with the game tied at 91 and the Spurs having possession with 0.5 seconds left, Danny Green hoisted a turnaround jumper and made the shot. The problem? As the officials reviewed the play it was determined that the ball was still on Green’s fingertips and the shot did not count.

Head coach Gregg Popovich elected to allow the second unit that made the comeback the opportunity to win the game in overtime. The second unit had a three-point lead with 1:18 remaining, but they could not close the deal after several opportunities. The last play saw a bad inbounds pass to Bonner who fumbled the ball. Green recovered and shot a desperation three that clanked the rim. Terry scored four of his game high 34-points in overtime to lead the Mavericks to victory.

With the loss, the Spurs fall to 12-9 on the season and 2-8 on the road. The team has no time to reflect on this dramatic loss, as they will have to get ready to play against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday in Memphis.