Brett Brown remembers Yao


BBLast week, Houston Rockets’ Yao Ming officially retired from the NBA as he gave his retirement press conference in China.

Many have recalled Yao’s time in the NBA and regard him as a face that changed basketball globally even though he had a short nine-year career due to constant injuries.

Current Australian coach and San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Brett Brown had an early idea of how special Yao would end up being by seeing him play at an early age.

“I remember seeing him play in Sydney when he was 16-years-old and the first thing that comes to your mind is you walk out and you see a very, very big man,” said Australian coach and San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Brett Brown.

“And then you see his mobility and then you see him shoot 80 per cent from the free throw line, and you recognise that he’s a game changer. He’s an international superstar.”

Spurs fans remember the constant Southwest Division rivalry games when Yao was at the height of his career teamed with players like Steve Francis and Tracy McGrady. It was also a treat to watch Tim Duncan take on Yao whenever they were matched up.

What are your favorite Yao memories Spurs fans?