Spurs’ Anderson continues stellar play at Impact League


San Antonio Spurs’ James Anderson continues to turn heads at the Impact League out in Vegas as photo: si.comday three is in the books.

Anderson finished with 20 points, shot 8/12 from the field, 1/2 from the three-point line, 1/3 from the free-throw line, five rebounds, one assist, and one steal for Team Royal.

Here have been his stat lines from the past two days:

• Day 1: 19 points, 7/10 from the field
Day 2: 24 points, 11/12 from the field

It’s another great performance but should Spurs fans take his great play as a sign of good things to come from the young man?

It is a testament to Anderson for coming back after an injury set him back last season. It is beneficial to him to get on the court against NBA talent and to keep the rust off his game. But this is a league where the cream of the crop players are absent.

And in case you were wondering, there were no stats on Kawhi Leonard or if he played at all.

So what do you make of Anderson’s performance so far Spurs fans? Think it will translate into next season or is this lightning in a bottle?