Spurs and Ginobili already in contract talks?


Recently, there was news Real Madrid would make a contract offer to Manu Ginobili this summer when his current contract with the Spurs is over. However, Ginobili’s agent, Herb Rudoy, flatly said Ginobili does not have any desire to play with Real Madrid and wants to remain in the NBA.

Good news but it still left the question with Spurs fans, “Will the Spurs resign Manu?”

According to Critica de la Argentina, it appears Spurs General Manager, R.C. Buford, has had some contract discussions with Ginobili and will continue discussions, when Buford returns from a trip in Europe.

Las negociaciones para la renovación del contrato entre el argentino y los Spurs continuarán en cuanto R.C. Buford, manager general de la franquicia, regrese de su viaje por Europa.

With Ginobili playing well of late, resigning Ginobili is a “no brainer.” He is proving he still can be a major contributor for the Spurs. Plus, not resigning Ginobili would put the Spurs at risk of him signing with a top Western Conference team. That would not be good!

If what was reported is correct, then it leaves the next question for Spurs fans, “For how long and for how much?”