Spurs among most watched games in 2012


The San Antonio Spurs haven't exactly been the most exciting team to watch over the years, especially when they were winning titles. In fact, they had some of the lowest ratings for the NBA Finals with their defensive mindset, inside-out mentality that consisted of "4-Down" and pick-and-roll plays. When the Spurs decided to adapt to the rest of the league and incorporate a faster tempo (with a mix of Spurs defensive in there), they got the attention of the fans. According to Sports Business Daily, the Spurs drew the third highest audience (second highest for NBA games) on NBA TV:

This is great news for the Spurs organization. They've caught the eye of NBA fans with their exciting new style of play while incorporating their traditional mindset. The Los Angeles Lakers are also a big competitor for viewers and "The Dream Team" documentary was going to be a big hit for the network. The fact the Spurs beat out other big name teams and feuds can mean the Spurs are now "marketable" in the sight of the league.