Spurs 2018 Free Agency Primer

tony parker
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Free agency officially begins July 1 and this free agency primer will help guide you through the Spurs’ projected free agency process.

Watch the video below to see how the Spurs will most likely be operating this offseason in free agency.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYlj9H2f7o8]

UPDATE: Now that the NBA salary cap for the 2018-19 season has been set at $101.8 million, the Non-Tax Mid-Level Exception will be worth $8,641,000 and the Bi-Annual Exception will be worth $3,382,000. These are the two exceptions that are referenced in the video above.

The Unrestricted Free Agents – Tony Parker and Rudy Gay

Both Parker and Gay will be unrestricted free agents, giving them the choice to either re-sign with San Antonio or sign elsewhere. Joffrey Lauvergne is also an unrestricted free agent, but he has already reportedly found a new deal overseas with Fenerbahce.

The Restricted Free Agents – Kyle Anderson, Davis Bertans, Bryn Forbes, and Darrun Hilliard

These four players will all be restricted free agents, meaning if they signed offer sheets with outside teams, the Spurs would have 48 hours to either match or decline to match the offer sheets after July 6.

The International Buyout Option – Nikola Milutinov

The Spurs have until July 20 to buyout the contract of Milutinov from Olympiacos and add him to the roster. The Spurs could either sign him using his cap hold, the veteran minimum, or one of their exceptions.

Nonguaranteed – Brandon Paul

The Spurs have until August 1 to decide whether to keep Paul on the roster and allow his $1.3 million contract to become guaranteed, or they could waive him before that date.

The Guaranteed Contracts

LaMarcus Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard, Pau Gasol, Patty Mills, Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, Lonnie Walker IV, Derrick White, and Dejounte Murray all have guaranteed contracts for next season.

With Leonard’s name in the trade rumor mill, it’s unknown at the moment how long he’ll be part of the Spurs organization.

Project Spurs will continue to provide updates on all the rumors regarding the Spurs’ free agents during the free agency process.


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