SportsNation picking Spurs to win series, Heat to win Game 2


The San Antonio Spurs have never been much of a fan favorite outside of Texas. But pit one of the most hated teams against the Spurs in the Finals and all of a sudden, America has a change of heart.

The Spurs, often considered boring, old and bad for ratings have flipped the switch in their matchup with the Heat.

ESPN's SportsNation has been conducting polls since the NBA Finals started, and the Spurs show up in a polling map that any Democratic presidential candidate can only dream of having.

In their poll of which team will win the NBA Finals, the Spurs got 67 percent of the votes and dominated every state but Florida, where voting was actually close. In terms of who America is rooting for in the Finals, the Spurs got 65 percent of the vote and every state aside from Florid once again.

However, after the Spurs won Game 1 in Miami, 53 percent of the nation expects that Miami will have a comeback win in Game 2 later tonight.

Miami usually comes back extremely motivated and focused after losses, but if the Spurs manage another win heading to San Antonio for three straight games, you wonder if even Florida will go blue, or silver and black.