Sport in our life and why College Football is Gaining More Popularity?

Sport has great and varied manifestations.Sport is restricted to any play, pastime, exercise, game, or contest performed under given rules. It is played either indoor or outdoor, on an individual or a team basis, with or without competition, but requiring skill and some form of physical exertion.

Some sports, such as hunting, fishing, running, and swimming were evolved out of the primitive ways and lifestyle of human life. Some, such as riding, shooting, throwing the javelin, or archery derive from early military practices and background. Sports, like boxing, wrestling and jumping, arose from the spontaneous human outbursts and challenges and occasional hostilities that accompanied human interaction.

Sports help to improve the mental strength and physical endurance capacity that would help the person to take on the big challenges of life. sports can help you reach your physical goals and maintain a healthy weight and fitness. Playing sports is like meditation. Anybody who takes sports genuinely knows the importance of discipline and the assurance to succeed. He also becomes confident and responsible.

Sports experts working with essay help online and programming homework help says, In the 21 the century,sport has developed with high tech facilities. With the increasing globalization of the games like cricket , football and hockey and their increasing change of game rules and the umpiring controversies, the building of ultramodern stadia and the provision of adequate infrastructure facilities etc have further complicated their problems and put them under a heavy financial stake. On the other hand technology has facilitated live telecasting and viewing of the matches and games so easy, thereby easing the common man’s’ burden to some extent.


The Olympic events have been held under the auspices of International Olympic Association. Almost all world countries have become members of IOA and participate in Olympics periodically held once in four years. Similarly cricket has a governing council called ICC to hold the world cup and champions trophy etc with the motive of spreading cricket throughout the world. Hockey had an International governing council known as IHF, encompassing all hockey playing members. Similarly soccer world cup is being held under the auspices of an international organization once in four years and the member countries has to go through a rigorous qualifying rounds before participating in the soccer world cup.

Nowadays football fans are more interested in watching college football games than games played by professionals. A lot of fans believe that that the college game is far superior to the NFL’s professional version of the sport. There are many reasons behind this change of popularity.

Six reasons why college football is more popular than professional football

1) College spirit is stronger than other feelings

Most of the people enjoy the college game more than the professional because there is still a collegiate spirit attached to the game. Games played by the college teams have no tags attached with them. They are fresh and enjoyable for their sportive spirit.

2) College teams are purer

Nowadays, most of the professional teams have tags of corruption which dwindle the sportive spirit. Commercialism has entered the field of games also and has corrupted it. But the players on the field of college games are not professional going on to the NFL or any other of such type and many of them are there simply because they enjoy playing. No wonder that people have a stronger feeling that college teams are purer than the professional. According to websites like term paper writing service and marketing assignment help ,the lot of college stadiums are on a college campus, which majorly provides an environment that is awesome yet energetic.  This is mainly true if you attended the college that you are seeing the game at—great memories.

3) Pride and prestige of their own

When players of one college play it becomes the prestige of the college and the region. It provides people with an opportunity to root to find “their own team”. Generally people of the area would have attended that particular college or school, which further solidifies their claim on the institution. Even if people did not play the game themselves, still they use the word “our” when referring to their favorite school or college. It becomes a prestige and issue of pride for them, which is expressed in many ways, including college sports.

4. College games are more homely

College teams are represented by the whole college and all those who are connected with it. The entire region supports a particular team and creates more personal relationship. In some states, a college rivalry game can be the biggest sports event of the year. For example, game played Alabama versus Auburn.

5) College games provide occasion for social gatherings

Most of the people return to their youth memories by attending college games. They are occasions of social gatherings for them to refresh and share their memories with their friends and others. Companies like online assignment writing and write my term paper for me says for most of the people, it is the season for tailgating, grilling, parties, and gathering for their memorable occasion at someone’s house. They are occasions of food and conversation. Professional games may not provide them such sweet memories.

6) Professional games have become more expensive

Life has become harder today with the soaring expenses. People calculate the expenses they have to bear by attending games at a stadium which can easily be watched at home in their television. Moreover, professional football tickets, comparatively, have become more expensive and harder to get. These are some important points.