Splitter’s return to Spain proves to be lucrative


While San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter initially said he would not sign for a team overseas and then all signs Splitterpointed to him going to Unicaja Malaga, Splitter pulled another 180 by surprising everyone with his signing with Valencia.

While Splitter was set to make a hefty sum from Unicaja, Valencia obviously had something to say about Splitter’s value.

According to a report from lasprovincias.es, translated through Gogle Translate,  along with having an escape clause should the season be salvaged, Splitter will be earning $140,000 euros per month for his new Spanish team. That translates into just over $188,000 American dollars. If Splitter stays the entire season, which could very well could be the case, Splitter stands to earn somewhere in the range of $1.3 million dollars.

Juan Roig would be happy to pay that amount reaching the ultimate goal though that would require putting in your pocket more than one million gross of the initial budget and remaining in cash the remaining EUR 200,000 initial season.

$1.3 million isn’t a shabby fallback, considering Splitter would have earned $3.6 million with the Spurs this season. It also works well for Valencia, who just lost one of their bigs to injury. Splitter is also very comfortable playing in the ACB and that style suits him better.

From a Spurs perspective, obviously there’s the worry of possible injury, however with the current state of the lockout, he would have time to rehab from any injuries.

Splitter will be joining Valencia (with Spurs draftee Nando De Colo) in time for their next Eurocup match on Tuesday against Telenet Oostende.

Valencia, which lost their first Eurocup game to Tony Parker and Asvel this week will now be a contender in Eurocup. Valencia’s games will now also provide Spurs fans a glimpse at the Spurs future with Splitter teaming up with De Colo. Expect to see both involved in a lot of designed pick-and-roll plays.